Q: Should I frame my art?

A: Do you have something you would like to protect and display? Do you have a wall or surface that needs something special? Do you need to buy a gift for someone who loves beautiful things? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should consider custom framing.


Q: What is the consultation like?

A: The consultation is as individual as you are. You can come in knowing exactly what you want and just point it out, or with no set notions. Either way, we will sit down with you and discuss what will look good in your home, and what will show your art to its best advantage. There will be several decisions to make, such as how to mount the art, whether and how to mat, what type of glass, and, of course, the frame itself. Our design staff will help you with each of these decisions. Our objective is to create a masterpiece especially suited for you and your space.


Q: What should I bring to the consultation?

A: Bring the item you wish to have framed, as well as any ideas you have. Paint colors or fabric swatches are always helpful. If the framed piece will go in a specific spot, you might want to measure the wall area you have. A photo of you space helps us in designing a unique piece for you.


Q: Can I frame something other than art?

A: Absolutely! We can frame almost any object you would like to display. Needlework, Sports Shirts, Sea Shells, Hockey Sticks, Golf Balls and all sorts of collections are some of the items we have framed. Please visit our online gallery to see examples of what we've done.


Q: What goes into my framing project?

A: We offer the very best  materials available, such as archival-quality mats, museum glass and fine wood frames. Finding and building a frame that you will love begins with your consultation. We spend as much time as it takes to help you choose your frame. Your art is carefully measured, and your frame, mats, and glass are carefully hand cut to those measurements. Your frame is built on our premises by hand, and the entire package is also put together by hand. It is checked by our staff at every step of the way. As you can imagine, this is a labor-intensive process, especially for a bunch of perfectionists like us!



The main reason to bring your artwork to The Frame Shop & Gallery is because of our experienced and talented staff. All of our designers have the ability to create a masterpiece especially for you.

If it's something you care about, you'll want to bring it to us!


Q: How long does it take?

A: Simple frame jobs typically take one to two weeks. If we have to special order materials, it could take longer. Because we do all of our production on site, we can handle emergencies and same day turn over when necessary.


Q: How do I care for framed art?

A: There's not much to it once it's on the wall, but we've created a page with more information.


Q: How can I contact someone if I still have questions?

A: Feel free to call us at (508) 651-1551 or email us from our contact page.